How to write a Fringe episode

I liked X-Files, I like LOST and Heroes - but Fringe just does not float my boat.

Here I can tell you how to write your own episode of Fringe by combining several of the key elements in each episode together to create your own amazing masterpiece:

Opening credits:
Think of something weird that can happen.  Ensure that someone dies (you will need them later so they can be communicated with).  Perhaps consider that the death may be caused by someone else who then disappears.



a: Cut to Dr Walter Bishop and Peter Bishop having a discussion about something unrelated to the plot.  Insert some surreal random humorous comment from Walter and perhaps throw in a line or 2 about Peters childhood.  They get a call from Dunham about a new "odd death" that they can help with and run out the door to help.

Walter: "When you were a boy, you used to read stories about windmills..."
Peter: "Yeah. I remember".
Walter: "Windmills... They remind me of a project I once ran in my lab to do with making an alternative power supply for the military from Bananas"
Peter: "Bananas!?!?".
Walter: "Oh yes Peter.  Surely even you can see the similarity between the Windmill and the plight of the Banana growers of Africa.  It reminds me of a project I once did in my lab....potassium!  Aha!"


b: Show FBI agent Olivia Dunham (in bed alone looking sad and tired) getting a call in the early hours of the morning from Broyles to attend the "strange death scene".  She also picks up Walter and Peter on the way.  Add some comedy lines as Walter cannot sleep and is annoying Peter etc..

Dunham: "No.. I wasn't sleeping....  Ok I'll be right there."
Walter: "Can we stop for some Bananas?"


  1. Walter takes the dead body back to his "lab" and calls his assistant by the wrong name (again).
  2. Cut to Broyles talking to Dunham about the Pattern and how they have seen this type of unusual death before in 12 other locations around the world - but have come up with no leads and no way of telling how it happened.  They had their best FBI scientists on the case and found nothing.
  3. Walter examines the body and makes a correct diagnosis and cause of death within 2 minutes.
  4. Walter reveals he has "worked on this project before or something like it" when he was younger (possibly with a colleague who has now "gone bad") and needs to find his old case notes.
  5. Case notes are found and Peter and Walter find the name of the person who is causing the deaths.  Dunham contacts her mate, Charlie, at the FBI who turns up information within 2 minutes that they have previously not been able to find, no matter how hard they tried.
  6. Dunham grabs coat and runs out of Bishops Lab and goes after the bad guy.

Dunham finds the bad guy (possibly add Peter into the chase scene).


a: The bad guy gets killed and can tell them nothing.


b: Walter gets to communicate with the dead through the use of some garden wire, a car battery and some bulldog clips on Peters nipples to get the information they need.

Finish with Dunham and Broyles having a conversation in the FBI office.

Dunham: "So you think this has something to do with The Pattern?"
Broyles: "I don't know.  Here.  Let me show you this file we found on the body of the person that died in that accident at the beginning of the show.  It links pieces of equipment used to cause that accident to a top secret project run by Massive Dynamic."

Then you can segway the whole plot into something created or managed/designed/owned by Massive Dynamic.  Perhaps finish with sexy office vixen Nina Sharp at Massive Dynamic discussing Agent Dunham's "progress" with an unknown other to tie the whole series together.

Nina: "She is showing quite a lot of progress.  Is it time to bring her in to the company?"
Other: "No.  Not yet.  She is only just at the tip of the iceberg.  She doesn't need to know more yet..."
Nina: "Can we stop for a Banana?..."

Sub Plots to include:

  • Something to do with the piano that is in Walter Bishops lab.
  • Include a reference to the mental hospital Bishop was in.
  • Include at least one line from the Cow that Bishop keeps in the lab.

And that concludes my How to write a Fringe episode tutorial!